BRIDGES - Nobody feels excluded

BRIDGES - Nobody feels excluded

How the EU BRIDGES project changed the life of Mahamadou

Mahamadou is 24 years old, comes from Mali and now lives and studies in Florence. The Italian CSIT member AICS proposed him to join the European project BRIDGES against racism and xenophobia. From the outset he has been actively involved as a volunteer in the organization of BRIDGES events which aim to promote social cohesion in the community between the various multi-ethnic realities of District 5 of Florence through culture and sport and work. Mahamadou is the first to report on the positive impact of the project, which has helped him to get to know his "neighbours" and develop his cultural background.

"BRIDGES has enriched me, my culture has grown and I have discovered wonderful things about other cultures," Mahamadou said in an interview with AICS. "The children's carnival and its games from all continents have given me the most. Nobody felt excluded, neither young nor old. BRIDGES enabled me to enrich my general knowledge about many things I didn't know before. Of the events in Florence, "Games from all continents" was the one I liked best. The participants were happy to participate in a game that excludes no one, regardless of age".

But the changes promoted by the project, says Mahamadou, are not just private. "The children had fun and they were curious when we would organize a similar event again. A sign of mutual curiosity and a sense of well-being that had not been noticed before. According to the young volunteer, the added value of the project lies in getting to know each other, but also in the awareness of different cultures: discovering - in Mahamadou's words - "wonderful things". I personally learned how to organize such an event. It was a great experience".

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