BRIDGES - NO to racism, YES to inclusion

BRIDGES - NO to racism, YES to inclusion

More than 1,000 people were involved with AICS in the CSIT BRIDGES project of the European Union

The EU's BRIDGES project was very successful in terms of participation in District 5 of Florence. "What has been built here will become a reference point for everyone", agreed Education Councillor Funaro, Welfare Councillor Vannucci and District 5 President Balli. Over one thousand people took part in the project for social cohesion in District 5 of Florence. One third of them were third country nationals. 57 organizations, including sports, cultural and volunteer associations, publicly spoke out against all forms of discrimination.

The closing event of the EU project "BRIDGES - Building Relationships and Integration by Developing Local Groups and Enhancing Solidarity" took place on 17 October. The impressive building of the "Tepidarium del Roster" was chosen as a worthy location. The project, coordinated by the Italian Cultural and Sports Association, aims to combat xenophobia and social exclusion and to promote the social cohesion of the community.

In Florence, BRIDGES was able to convince more than 40 associations - nine of them migrants - to participate actively in its public events on social cohesion. In District 5, people from over 20 different nationalities took part in a wide range of activities. The associations that make up the BRIDGES network co-organized and co-administered seven public events that brought together different cultures with different approaches.

The active participation in the organization and staging of sports events, cultural activities and seminars has made it possible to deepen mutual knowledge. Moreover, the project did not stop during the long months of the Covid-19 lockdown. On the contrary: in social networks, the volunteers and representatives of the BRIDGES network spoke about themselves in ten video interviews and described the changes the project has brought about in the community.

Praise and recognition from the highest political authorities
All the organizations involved took part in the final event, which was presented by project coordinator Valeria Gherardini. Education Councillor Sara Funaro emphasized in her introduction: "BRIDGES is a joint project that aims to create stable networks between the different actors in the area". Funaro and Social Councillor Andrea Vannucci added: "With this project we have committed ourselves to promoting the involvement of communities of third country nationals by supporting their leadership role. We will work to ensure that everything built and developed this year becomes a reference point for citizens". The President of District 5, Cristiano Balli, stated in his speech: "Despite the Covid-19 health emergency, BRIDGES has achieved its goals in District 5 and in the associations involved: cohesion, intercultural exchange and building networks of relationships".

Cosimo Renzi (AICS Project Office) presented the results of the 22 months of activity of the project together with the official final video of the project. Here the leading role of the associations of the BRIDGES network was again emphasized. The organizers of the AICS community, coordinated by Alessandra Vannucci, underlined once again the importance of the BRIDGES network, which was a complete success.

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