BRIDGES - Get to know your new surroundings

BRIDGES - Get to know your new surroundings

A bicycle tour is one of the best ways to reduce stress, get the body moving and get to know your new surroundings better, especially for immigrants.

The latter is extremely important for immigrants when they are new to a city. It is important for them to explore their new opportunities and also to make better decisions.

Within the framework of the "Bridges" project, COSPE, in collaboration with the association "Io Voglio Associazione dei desideri", organised with the "Gran Tour" an interesting bicycle tour in the town of Scandicci. A journey through the city's past, to get to know the history in small doses and also to discover the present. To see how the social composition of the town has evolved.

A group of unaccompanied minors living in reception centres in the suburbs of Florence and near the town of Scandicci, which is just one cycle ride away, took part in the activity.

The "Gran Tour" included 14 stops, some of which told the story of resistance to fascist groups, such as the bridge and Ponte Piazza Marconi (Marconi Square). Others led to the industrial district of the city, where many international companies like Gucci are based. Or Powersoft, who installed in Mecca the audio system with 4000 amplifiers, which calls for prayer for the faithful five times a day.

At each station, participants were asked to interact with each other and share their opinions on the specific theme of the station. A very special moment was the stop at the house of Paolo Staccioli, a former welder and famous sculptor in Scandicci. Everyone had the opportunity to take a look inside his laboratory and admire some of the many sculptures that filled his garden. One of the participants promptly replied that he wanted to become a welder when asked about his future wishes.

"With this Gran Tour, the participants can make much better decisions about their future by knowing what the area has to offer. Scandicci has one of the largest leather industries in the world. They just need to know that they have a wide range of opportunities," said tour guide Francesco Gori. 

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