Your Feedback is Important

Your Feedback is Important

We are in the middle of an evaluation process on the CSIT World Sports Games in Tortosa and kindly ask you for your support and comments for improvement.

Dear CSIT Member Unions,
Dear CSIT Partners of the WSG in Tortosa,

We hope that you have enjoyed the last edition of the CSIT World Sports Games in Tortosa (WSG).

As it is very important to improve continuously, we ask you to forward us your impressions from the 6th CSIT World Sports Games in Spain as well as your comments and advises for the upcoming Games 2021 in Zagreb (Croatia).

We are starting now with the organisation of the VII. CSIT World Sports Games 2021 in the capital city of Croatia. We kindly ask you to support us with your feedback and forward this survey to your participating people as well, in order to give us an impression about the last WSG in Tortosa. Only then we are able to draw the right conclusions for 2021 and we are able to improve our games for you in the future.

Your Feedback – CSIT World Sports Games 2019

Thank you very much and welcome to Zagreb 2021!

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