Wonderful Opportunity

Wonderful Opportunity

CSIT President Molea declared the WSG 2019 Open

Historic speeches as an important matter of the joyful and enthusiastic opening ceremony Tuesday night in Estadio Jose Otero: Missis Meritxell Roigé i Pedrola, the mayor of Tortosa, pointed out the enormous positive impact of the WSG 2019: „This great event is an incomparable highlight in the rich and diverse history of our City and its 33.500 inhabitants.“

Mister Damia Calvet, Minister of infrastructure of the Catalonian government, mentioned the importance of such an international sports festival not only for the region of Tortosa and the Delta of Rio Ebro: „Catalonians face an other great chance to show the world, that they are able to perform on a very high level“ he said. „We will take this Chance. And we have to thank CSIT for this wonderful opportunity.“

An athlete and a referee took the oath of fairness respecting the Olympic Charter. Before the grande finale of the spectacular opening ceremony, CSIT President Bruno Molea from Italy declared the World Sport Games 2019 open.

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