Welcome to Catalunya

Jorge Domingo, Quim Torra, Bruno Molea

CSIT World Sports Games are about to be opened in Tortosa on Tuesday evening

Just thirty hours before the official opening ceremony, three presidents set the course for the 6th CSIT World Sports Games 2019 from 2nd to 6th in Tortosa, Spain: At the Palau de la Generalitat, the Catalonian Government Palace, in Barcelona, Quim Torra, the current President of the Government of Catalonia, gave a warm welcome to Jaume Domingo, President of UCEC, and to CSIT President Bruno Molea. The Italian will officially open the WSG 2019 on Tuesday, July 2nd, in Estadio Jose Otero. More than 3000 athletes (51 unions from 34 countries) are expected to participate in 17 CSIT sports and 7 CSIT partner sports.UCEC, Union of Sports Councils of Catalonia, is the Spanish CSIT member and the host organization of one of the most important amateur sports event worldwide.

„We are very proud to host this important sports event in Catalonia“, said Mister Quim Torra at the meeting in Barcelona. „I very much appreciate the atmosphere of friendship and competition guaranteed by CSIT.“ Mister Bruno Molea had pointed out this special spirit of the CSIT World Sports Games before. „We are a big sports family with 230 million members. We recently grew even bigger by welcoming Korea as a new member, participating in Tortosa.“ Mister Jaume Domingo is looking forward to a joyful event inspired by happiness and friendship: „We definitely will try everything to put up and present the best games ever to the huge CSIT family.“

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