"We are happy to have the CSIT-Games in Riga"

MP Janis Upenieks ist the youngest member of the Latvian Parliament but very focussed and with only 28 years of age already head of the committee for sports.

Responsible for sports movement in Latvia and chairman of the sports commission. “We are happy to have the CSIT Games here in Riga. Many of my friends congratulated me for this event and we are proud that we got the possibility to organize such a big event like World Sports Games. It is a privilege to have so many enthusiastic people in our country.” Riga is spending one to two million Euros per year for sport events, said Janis Upenieks in a meeting with CSIT President Bruno Molea, but every Euro is worth it. “CSIT gives much back to our City and I do hope, that some of the participants will come back some day - maybe as tourists.”

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