Trend-setting Congress in Rome

Trend-setting Congress in Rome

The CSIT Congress Week was work-intensive and future-oriented with many meetings and decisions.

The 41st CSIT Congress in Rome was very well attended with several hundred participants, very densely structured and perfectly organised by CSIT member organization AICS. CSIT President Bruno Molea had a lot of meetings to attend. In addition, there were some important and trend-setting meetings of internal working groups as well as with external partners and supporters. A closely staggered program with many decisions and a special farewell for CSIT President Bruno Molea's predecessor Harald Bauer, who retired from CSIT ExCom in Rome, but with his competence remains in the CSIT in an advisory function.


Besides the internal meetings of the CSIT ExCom, the heads of the Technical Commissions and the last working sessions of the EU co-funded Young Academy project "YOUAca" for Young Leaders in Grassroot Sport, there were numerous meetings with important international organizations and CSIT partners. TAFISA, FICEP, FISAC and OSTA (Africa) travelled to the CSIT Congress in Rome. There were also meetings with Amateur American Football IAAFL, Panathlon International, IFA as well as a meeting of the CSIT Court of Arbitration.

New CSIT members

The CSIT ExCom decided in Rome to accept Vlaamse Vechtsport Associatie (VVA) and Fédération Tunisienne Sport et Travail (FTST) as two new full members of the big CSIT family. Further the ExCom accepted the application of four new organizations as candidate members: From Greese HOCSH - Hellenic Organization for Company Sport & Health, from South Korea KOWSC - Korea Office Worker Sports Committee, Kosovo KWSF - Kosava Workers Sports Federation and Italy FISAC - Italian Federation of Acrobatics and Choreographic Sports. With this new full and candidate members the CSIT family has actual in total 42 member organizations. 30 Full and Associate Members, 1 Continental member and 11 Candidate Members. After a longer period of observation CSIT will decide about a full membership status, which will be finally awarded by the Congress. Further details about CSIT membership matters.

WSG 2021 from 13th to 18th July in Zagreb

The 7th CSIT World Sports Games Zagreb 2021, organized by the Croatian CSIT member Health Life Academy (HLA), will take place from 13th to 18th July during the summer holidays. All sports and venues compact within a short walking distance and recreational lake-area in the middle of the Croatian capital Zagreb. The last edition of the CSIT World Sports Games was held in the Catalan city Tortosa (Spain) last July. The organization committee TORTOC presented in Rome the final report of the Games in all details. Furthermore, the local WSG host and CSIT member UCEC presented a special "Tortosa World Sports Games 2019 - Book and a Documentation Video" about all the activities, that took place in the wonderful region of Terres de l´Ebre and set in scene perfectly the unique spirit of our games.

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