Sport Impacts All – 1st World Amateur Sport Forum

Sport Impacts All – 1st World Amateur Sport Forum

The first edition of the World Amateur Sport Forum “Sport Impacts All” will open the 41st CSIT-Congress on 18th of October 2019 in Rome

Italian CSIT member-organization AICS is the host of the 1st World Amateur Sport Forum “Sport Impacts All”, which is organized by CSIT and will be held in Rome on 18th of October at Salone d'Onore del Coni, the Italian National Olympic Committee. LIVE-streaming will be guaranteed for the whole conference.

The world conference “Sport Impacts All” intends to involve sports athletes, academics, sports managers, policy makers and testimonials to discuss about the impact of sport at social, health, economic levels and on education of people worldwide as well as the impact of sport on health promotion, wellbeing and on strengthen social cohesion of communities, based on surveys and researches. Science provides evidences on the benefits of sport on the daily life of people and communities. Those will be the pillars of presentations and discussion. 

The participants will be welcomed by public authorities of CONI, AICS and CSIT. All presentations will be coordinated by a journalist expert on the sector. The aim of the Conference is not only to promote a reflection and to growing awareness on the impact of grassroots sport in daily life of people and communities, but also to exchange best practices where sport is shown as a key driver of social policies. Among those practices AICS will present its own project "Sport in Comune", a national multi-sport project that AICS is carrying out all over Italy through the development of national and local networks.

The conference of CSIT will be addressed to a public audience and translations will be provided in Italian, English and French by AICS as host organization. The Forum “Sport Impacts All” is supported by CONI and sponsored by Allianz, AICS, the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers.    

Registration is opened. LIVE streaming and update on the conference www.aics.it.

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