Seven Times Unbeaten

Seven Times Unbeaten

A young lady from Austria seems to be invincible at CSIT competitions: At four World Sports Games and three CSIT Tennis Championships she hasn’t lost a single match yet.

On Thursday Austria’s number 29 won 29 matches in a row. “I admire Jelena Ostapenko”, she said about the sensational French Open winner from Latvia. “Winning a Grand Slam tournament as an unset player is an incredible effort!” Bianca Ambros is 25 years young and plays for two ASKÖ clubs in Vienna. She is studying journalism in Vienna, but before she finishes her studies, journalists are writing about her!

And they also write about her team mate Fabian Gruber who is on the go for his first points in the ATP ranking for the second time in his dramatic life: “In 2015 I was stopped by a tumor in my shin”, he explains. “They removed a piece of my hip and implanted it to my shin.” The 21 years old from St. Lorenzen is one of the best players at the Riga Games. “The CSIT games are a very good practice on my way to an ATP ranking.” By the way: at a Future Tournament in Jurmala, Latvia, before his surgery he was really close to his first ATP points before losing 9:11 in the decider.      

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