Mamanet, Partner of CSIT: Mothers Enrich the World of Sports

Mamanet, Partner of CSIT: Mothers Enrich the World of Sports

30 Mamanet teams are participating in the 5th CSIT World Sports Games 2017 in Riga: One each from Latvia, Mexico, Austria, two from Italy and 25 (!) from Israel. But Mamanet is not just a sports discipline based on volleyball rules with slight modifications. It is a mission: “Mothers have become role models for sports and healthy life style”, says Karin Eines, member of the Mamanet Board and in charge of International Relations.

The system of Mamanet has been invented in Israel and works as a non-profit organization. It is supported by the Ministry of Science and Hapoel, Israel’s strongest sports organization. Currently Mamanet is played by 16.000 women in Israel. The huge movement has already attracted well known institutions like the University of Columbia in New York where intensive research studies on Mamanet have been launched. In the beginning this incredibly successful Israelian start-up had been phenomenon. But very soon it became evident that Mamanet is a big development step in the fields of social security and health.

By now the Mamanet system has already started to succeed in many other countries. For instance: A delegation of 70 people from Denmark will take part in a work shop during the CSIT World Sports Games in Riga on Friday. “Mamanet Gold” will be the main topic of this specific seminar: A revolutionary team sports discipline for elderly people with an enormous potential as health support; also for the rehabilitation centres of the future. In addition Mamanet has developed a special program for people with cognitive disabilities.

“Mamanet builds communities and has the power to form and change our societies”, says Ofra Abramovich, founder and chairwoman of Mamanet. These ideas will also be presented in a reception (Thursday, June 15 at 18.30; Riga; Hotel Radisson Blu Latvija) with CSIT President Bruno Molea, Dr. Arie Seliger, one of the most successful volleyball coaches of the world, and Hapoel President Yoram Arnstein. All members of the CSIT family are welcome to join this event and invited to take part in a panel discussion.

Friday will be the big day for Mamanet during the Riga games in the Olympic Center “Electrum”:

15.00 – 15.45: Free Practice & Game Demonstration for everybody.
16.00 – 17.00: Mamanet-Tournament Final-Match.
19.00; open end; Lucavsala Zemgales priekspilseta: The largest Mamanet tournament party in the world. 50 (!) nets will be ready for a Mamanet world record which should be the ticket for the Guinness Book of Records.

On Thursday at 17.30 will be a demonstration match for people with special needs.

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