Lignano will host CSIT World Sports Games 2015

Lignano will host CSIT World Sports Games 2015

From February 27th - March 2nd a significant CSIT Executive Committee meeting took place in the countryside of Lapland in northern Finland. Main topic was the election of the Host City for the 4. CSIT World Sports Games 2015. CSIT had two member unions as candidates with INDET in Cancun/Mexico and AICS with Lignano/Italy. The voting among the ExCom members finally brought the result that the CSIT World Sports Games 2015 will be awarded to the city of Lignano.

In order to provide all delegates and in particular the technical sports commissions impressions of the new host city, the next CSIT Congress will be held in Lignano, October 13th-19th, 2014.

After a visit on both locations the CSIT responsible experts of the working group CSIT World Sports Games - Vice President Desislava Yagodin and Sportsdirector Henk Bouchoms - drew up a comprehensive evaluation report in order to provide the members of the Executive Committee all necessary facts and cornerpoints for a final decision.

Fair-play is not only a word, but it must be lived as well. For that reason Mr. Molea, Vice-President of CSIT and President of the Italian applying union AICS, offered to leave the room to allow an open discussion and voting. The remaining ExCom members considered all relevant matters and spoke about advantages and disadvantages of both candidate cities on basis of this neutral evaluation report. Finally the voting brought a majority for Lignano as Host City 2015.

"I would like to congratulate Lignano and AICS for the election and we are all looking forward to the Games 2015. It was obvious that both candidates have prepared their candidature at a top level and would have had very good standards for having successful Games in their respective city", resumed CSIT President Harald Bauer, who did not participate in the voting process: "I wish to thank cordially both candidates on my personal behalf and on behalf of the ExCom colleagues for their efforts and willingness to organize our Games in their beautiful countries. Simultaneous I ask to understand that the leadership board could only award one of the two candidates."

"We have decided unanimously to offer to INDET to host the CSIT Election Congress in 2015, if INDET is ready and willing to do so. Furthermore we would also cordially invite INDET to place their candidature again for one of the next editions of the World Sports Games (WSG) in 2017 or 2019. The WSG candidates for 2017 will hold their presentation in the framework of the Congress expected October 13th-19th, 2014 in Lignano, which will take place in October, and finally the ExCom will decide upon the awarding in February 2015. On behalf of the CSIT ExCom I want to cordially congratulate Mr. Ojeda for the successful election as President of the Mexican Workers Congress. His constant support will certainly further develop the relationships between the CSIT and INDET as well as COPADET", said President Bauer. 

Not only traditional CSIT sports will be practiced in Lignano 2015. On agreement with AICS some trendy sports like Beachtennis, Bossaball, Rhönrad or Handball will have the opportunity to be introduced as well as promoted during the CSIT World Sports Games 2015. 




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