Ground Breaking development of CSIT

Ground Breaking development of CSIT

CSIT represented by Secretary General Wolfgang Burghardt and head of the CSIT President's Office Valeria Gherardini met in Mailand representatives of Parasport from the International Federation for Athletes with Intellectual Impairments (INAS) and Sport Union Down Syndrome (SU-DS) to discuss possible co-operations in the future.

CSIT is an open organization and more than just a Sports Confederation and intends to implement the Social Inclusion Sector. The CSIT World Sports Games are opening the doors to people with disabilities and their families to join the CSIT festival with the typical spirit of friendship. As both sides, CSIT and Para-Sports, have many common interests and values, the parties agreed to work on future co-operation projects and give Para-Sports and SU-DS a bigger platform for their sports in the framework of the CSIT World Sports Games and in that way to enlarge the movement of CSIT.

CSIT President Bruno Molea agreed to be present for one day at the 1st FIFDS European Futsal Championship for Athletes with Down Syndrome under the patronage of CSIT in November in Lugano / SUI. General Secretary Burghardt and Valeria Gherardini were also present at the FederSwiss board meeting in Lugano to discuss the collaboration with and membership at CSIT with all international participants. Marco Tomasini, President of the new CSIT member union FederSwiss, will attend the CSIT ExCom meeting beginning of March in Forli in order to have additional meetings with the organizing committee of the CSIT World Sport Games 2019 in Tortosa (Spain) and all CSIT ExCom members.

Picture from left:
Valeria Gherardini (head of the CSIT President's office), Wolfgang Burghardt (CSIT General Secretary), Lizzie Voegel (President of SASCOC - South Africa, Chief Developments Officer of SU-DS), Marco Tomasini (President of the new CSIT member union FederSwiss), Marco Borzacchini (Vice-President Italian National Paralympic Committee, FISDIR President, INAS Europe Treasury, SU-DS Treasury, IAADS President), Geoff Smedley (CEO and President of SU-DS Sport Union Down Syndrome), Jose Costa Pereira (President of ANDDI Portugal, INAS Sport director, SU-DS Sport Director).

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