Great sports offer at the World Sports Games Tortosa 2019

Great sports offer at the World Sports Games Tortosa 2019

In addition to the classic 14 CSIT sports, participants of the WSG 2019 can expect many other sports from various partners of CSIT.

The 6th CSIT World Sports Games (WSG) will take place in July 2-7, 2019 in Tortosa (Spain). The CSIT expects in Catalonia the biggest edition of all CSIT games so far. Also because, in addition to the 14 classic CSIT sports, 16 cooperation associations will be holding their championships as part of the WSG, bringing a lot of new ideas to our participants.

Among others, Golf is new in the CSIT program. For the first time there will be CSIT Golf Championships in Tortosa and also a Golf Masters for journalists. It is played on the two traditional golf courses PANORÁMICA GOLF, SPORTS & RESORT (Sant Jordi) and in the BONMONT CLUB GOLF (Mont-Roig del Camp) with three ratings for CSIT members, journalists and guests of the CSIT and the organizer UCEC. Golf is a novelty and a perfect way to make the CSIT WSG known to a wider audience via the Journalist Masters, thereby further expanding the platform.

Pitch and Putt (IPPA) is also new and for the first time, a smaller version of classic golf. Likewise Minigolf, Handball or also PARA sport, which is a great wish of CSIT President Bruno Molea. At the last meeting in Berne, CSIT ExCom agreed that it is possible to stage Parasport Championships in football, handball, basketball and swimming as part of the CSIT WSG.

Also new in Tortosa are POSA Pole-Dance, WOF World O-Sport, IRV Wheel Gymnastics, IFA Fistball, ICU Cheerleading, FXC Fireball Extreme, Powerlifting, IAAFL American Football, IUTRA Trail Running, WDSF World Dance Sport Federation and Roller Skating. Welcome!

Find here the final invitation to the CSIT World Sports Games. Within the next days CSIT will launch the new official WSG-2019 Webpage!

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