Excom Meeting in Forli

Excom Meeting in Forli

Under the chairmanship of President Bruno Molea, the CSIT Excom Meeting took place in his hometown of Forli

Important decisions were on the agenda of the meeting held in Forli Town Hall in the council's historic Sala Calamandrei boardroom. In addition to setting the course for important decisions for the coming years, the focus was on strategies for the future and the closer involvement of CSIT member associations and stakeholders.

A big topic at the end of the Excom meeting was also the upcoming CSIT World Sports Games 2019 in Tortosa (Catalunya, Spain). For this purpose, a delegation from Spain traveled to Forli to present the current state of affairs and to discuss the next necessary steps, which will be published shortly. There was also the annual accounts and the annual report of CSIT sports director Henk Bouchoms.

Presented was the recently developed CSIT Solidarity Fund app, based on a fundraising system to support the poorer CSIT member unions, to give them the opportunity to participate in the CSIT WSG 2019. Living solidarity in 2018!

As a special service and special opportunity to be even more connected with CSIT, the new e-commerce platform was also presented, where all fans, stakeholders and member unions can put together their own creations of CSIT sportswear. Detailed information will follow shortly.
The good relations of President Molea in his home region also made use of the opportunity for network maintenance. The program included meetings with the mayors of Forli (Mr. Davide Drei) and Cesena (Mr. Paolo Lucchi), the sports capitals of the region. Molea's hometown Forli is 2018 European City of Sports.

The cultural program with visits to Terra del Sol, the Palazzo Pretorio and the world famous Biblioteca Classense in Cesena was not forgotten. This CSIT working group was also able to thoroughly enjoy the Italian hospitality. Thanks to all those responsibles of AICS Italy, especially the local President Catia Gambatori and her team.

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