Each team is a winner

Each team is a winner

Mamanet is spreading all over the world

What a wonderful atmosphere in San Carles de la Ràpita! Two teams from Israel played in the final of the Mamanet tournament. Kfar Saba beat Ramati Gan by 2 Sets to 1 in a dramatic match. „But this is not so important to us“, said Ofra Abramovich, founder and chairwoman of the impressive Mamanet movement, who plays for the winning team. „All of us are winners.“ And she is right: after the final all teams celebrated and danced together.

Established in 2005, Mamanet has become the largest social sports league in Israel. The original sport is called cachiball, but this league got its name, because it was founded specifically for mothers. Today with thousands of players in 100 cities across Israel, Mamanet is spreading  in many countries such as Austria, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Cyprus and the USA with new countries joining the movement nearly every year. The team from Mexico won the bronze medal at the WSG 2019.

The dominance of Israeli teams can easily be explained: Mamanet Israel is cooperating  with Hapoel, the largest Israeli sport organization. The league was invented in Israel and therefore the Mothers of Israel had the best start. „But we are happy with the fact, that so many other counties are catching up.“

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