CSIT President Molea "ON THE ROAD" in Riga

CSIT President Molea

Sports for thousands of participants within four days means hard work not only for the delegations but in special also for CSIT President Bruno Molea.

The 62 years old Italian parliamentarian is in Riga “on the road” in several meetings as well as being a guest on the stages of the different venues. Wednesday morning Bruno Molea started with a visit at the Riga Electrum Center watching Mamanet and Volleyball, talking to players and coaches, meeting the technical commissioners doing their job in the playgrounds. Molea also took the kick-off for a mini-football match between a Danish and an Israelian team. The President also met the top international executives of Mamanet to talk with them about the social value of this new kind of sports, which is implemented in the framework of CSIT for the first time at the Riga-Games.

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