CSIT ExCom Meeting in Bern

CSIT ExCom Meeting in Bern

From August 30 to September 2, the VIII. CSIT ExCom Meeting took place in Switzerland.

The host was the CSIT member organization SATUS Switzerland with its president and CSIT treasurer Christian Vifian and SATUS general manager Silvia Wägli. CSIT President Bruno Molea thanked the host for the excellent organization of the meeting, which in summary was very efficient and highly productive.

The main point of the meeting was the preparations for the VI. CSIT World Sports Games to be held July 2 to 7, 2019 in Tortosa, Spain. The high-level delegation from Tortosa (the TORTOC organizing committee) led by UCEC President Jaume Domingo, WSG CEO Roger Pedret and Sports Manager of the City of Tortosa, Jesus Marti Esteller, presented a very detailed interim report. Further details will be available shortly in the Final Invitation for the WSG 2019, which will be published in the coming weeks. At the same time as the invitation, the new WSG-2019 webpage will be online.
After the groundbreaking meetings in Bern, it can already be said that the games in Tortosa will be the biggest CSIT World Sports Games ever; not only because of the attractive location of Tortosa near Barcelona, but above all due to the great variety of sports possibilities.

Handball, Golf, Para-Sport and further international championships of CSIT partner organizations in various sports will be part of the WSG-2019 additional to the traditional 15 CSIT sports. All partners will be attending the CSIT Congress in Tortosa from October 24th to 28th to get a first-hand impression of this region in Catalunya.

Attention: The CSIT Sport Tennis will be the only sport discipline starting already one day earlier on July 1, 2019, due to the large number of matches!

The registration for the CSIT World Sports Games 2019 will be exclusively via the CSIT Online Platform and will start directly after the Congress.

In 2019, a new variant with a low-cost accommodation package will also be offered for the first time. This generous hostel option is very popular in the Tortosa area, has high standard and is ideal for large groups of participants. Further information will also be available in the Final Invitation soon!
The CSIT with its World Sports Games as major sports event has become a global brand. Not only international sports federations strive to cooperate with the CSIT, also the interest of the sport industry was awakened. CSIT President Bruno Molea was very pleased with the meeting with WFSGI - World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry with its President Robbert de Kock, who is based in Bern and has recently joined GAISF.
The CSIT is a very old and democratic organization. In Switzerland, the ExCom used the opportunity to visit the Swiss Parliament thanks to distinguished connections of SATUS President Christian Vifian to gain a deeper insight into this specific Swiss form of Direct Democracy.

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