CSIT-Congress Eilat 2017 - Next Steps into the Future

CSIT-Congress Eilat 2017 - Next Steps into the Future

It was the first CSIT-Congress with the Italian Bruno Molea as President of the organisation after he took over from the Austrian Harald Bauer in 2016.

In his opening speech the Italian member of parliament stated after one year of his presidency his vision and future ways of CSIT under his leadership: “Today, through sport, people compete and have fun, no matter of their age, religion, political party or origin.
 Sport represents a relevant tool to make people experience that we are all citizens of the world. This is the great value of sport. CSIT is a great organisation with a huge number of memberships and a huge number of people participating at our sports events. If we believe all that, we should absolutely think about an up-to-date model of the CSIT, capable to interact with all: young people, adults and seniors, no matter of their origin, religion, politics and economic situation, physical and intellective kind of ability.”

Vision, Strategy and Professionalism – this is the formula
Bruno Molea further stated, that he had many fruitful discussions with the ExCom, the General Secretary and the Sports Director. Together they share the opinion that the CSIT has the need to bring in new sports, and mainly sports with a popular value: “Our confederation needs to be flexible, smart and modern so to have an appeal for new generations. It is a need to share a clear, strict and common vision of CSIT and to share the effective strategies. Without a definitive vision and qualified managers there are no effective strategies. Our goal is to capitalise the expertise of the oldest members and to promote the exchange towards the new CSIT generations. In this way we guarantee the continuity and the high quality of work. We have the great honour of running a confederation, which is more than 100 years old, so we have also the responsibility to guarantee the life of CSIT for at least the next 100 years.”

After the CSIT World Sports Games is before the next edition
Main topics of the Congress were on one side of course a replica and resume to and of the CSIT World Sports Games 2017 in Riga (Latvia), and on the other side a preview to the upcoming WSG in June 2019 in Tortosa (Cataluny in Spain). Die CSIT and their TCs are looking forward to a good and close co-operation with the young and very competent colleagues from the region in Terres de L’Ebre in Spain. It could also be the first games, where CSIT offers programs for disabled people. One huge step into the future was the implementation of the Swiss Paralympic Organisation as new member of CSIT during the Congress in Eilat. This is one vision of CSIT President Bruno Molea, who appreciated the big support and trust in advance of all delegates in his work and the big support for changing many statutes of the CSIT by vote.

Meeting with the local government of Eilat
The Congress in Eilat at the Red Sea was organized by CSIT member organisation Hapoel Israel and opened with welcome words of Hapoel President Prosper Ben Hamo. General Manager Yoram Arnstein, Avi Sagi and their Team did an excellent job and made the stay in Eilat for the whole delegation very enjoyable. Before the Congress CSIT President Mr Bruno Molea and the CSIT ExCom were invited to the Eilat Town Hall for a meeting with deputy Mayor Mr Eli Lankri and had a fruitful discussion about future co-operations and new opportunities through sport as a key-driver for economic development of cities.

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