CSIT at SportAccord in Bangkok

CSIT at SportAccord: Bruno Moleam Valeria Gherardini, Wolfgang Burghardt

SportAccord is constantly going new ways and in 2018 the SportAccord Convention will open the doors to grassroots sports. CSIT president Molea is guest in Bangkok.

CSIT has been invited to Bangkok (April 14th to 21st) to present CSIT’s more than 100 years old experience and values in this field of expertize. CSIT President Bruno Molea is on this occasion taking part in a discussion panel about working with International Federations (IFs) how to promote grass roots sport and encourage sporting activity within own community. Partners of CSIT president Bruno Molea in this discussion are Jerome Lacroix, Business Development Manager of UCI and Caroline Baxter Tresise, International Consultant, Social and Human Sciences of UNESCO.

Main topics of the discussion are how to manage the relationships between IFs and local federations/associations/city/region so to promote diverse kinds of sport events and bring them into the framework of a major event like the CSIT World Sports Games as well as how to involve local sports federations/associations working especially on grass roots sport, in order to set up sports events welcoming international participants like in the CSIT Games. Another topic will be the cooperation between CSIT and European Fair Play Movement in developing and using the Green Card for exceptional sportsmanlike behaviour and outstanding respect of the rules in order to promote sports values for all participants and the community.

The CSIT leadership is also invited to the General Assembly of the Alliance of Independent Recognized Members of Sport (AIMS) and will be able to introduce the CSIT movement to this important community. 

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