Bruno Molea in Finland at TUL 100

Bruno Molea in Finland at TUL 100

CSIT President Bruno Molea visited CSIT member organization TUL in Helsinki at the big festival week for their 100th anniversery celebration.

President Molea was in Finland at the 100th Anniversary Celebration of TUL - Suomen Työväen Urheiluliitto. Numerous prestigious local events were held already during the first part of the year. The greatest happening was the federal celebration week in Helsinki from June 14 to 16. Bruno Molea also opened the TUL general assembly, which was an elective assembly for the new TUL president and board. To be present was very relevant for the continuity of the historical friendship and cooperation between CSIT and TUL.   
TUL celebrated the 100th anniversary by organizing amazing events throughout Finland. The jubilee 2019 culminated in Helsinki Ice Hall on June 15th, 2019. Celebrations were held already from beginning of the year specially in Helsinki, where TUL was founded 100 years ago. During spring 2019, the 100th anniversary book of TUL was also published by the emeritus professor Seppo Hentilä.

The federal celebration week was of course the highlight of the jubilee year. During the weekend the member clubs of TUL had a broad visibility. Different sport championships and tournaments hosted by the member clubs were held in Helsinki and in the metropolitan area. Competitions among other things in football, wrestling, cycling, gymnastics and chess.

During the event weekend three main event of the jubilee year were organized. On June 14 TUL100 Theater Gala opened gymnastics and dance full-fledged weekend. Theater Gala was held at Helsinki City Theater on Friday.

The main ceremony, Joukkojen juhla, was a tribute to 100-year-old TUL held on June 15 at Helsinki Ice Hall. The ceremony provided a professional review of the history of TUL to all exercise and sports lovers, Finnish sports culture and other sports clubs. The ceremony was a work of art designed by dance and choreography professionals. Its key elements in addition to sport scenes are music, light, projection and visualization.

An International Show Competition was held in Töölö, Helsinki on June 16. It was a new kind of competition event for different sport types like Aerobics (individuals and groups), aesthetic group gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics (individuals and teams), dance (groups) and acrobat gymnastics (groups).

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Pictures shows from the left: 
Finnish Minister and former CSIT ExCom member Sirpa Paatero, KALEV General Secretary Aleksander Tammert (CSIT Estonian member union), JOUD General Secretary Tarmo Volt (2nd Estonian member union), CSIT Vice President Anu Rajajärvi, CSIT Sports Director Henk Bouchoms, CSIT Head of Presidents’ Office Valeria Gherardini, CSIT President Bruno Molea.

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