Big Mexican Delegation In Tortosa

Big Mexican Delegation In Tortosa

INDET Mexico ist sending a delegation of 288 participants to the 6th CSIT World Sports Games from 3rd to 7th July in Tortosa.

INDET Mexico made a significant and very important Flag Bearer Ceremony for Mexico's Delegation attending the 6th World Sports Games in Tortosa, Catalunia, Spain in July. A 288 participants Workers Delegation will represent the Mexican Sports Labor. The delegation will participate in the disciplines athletics, basketball, beach volleyball, chess, football, mini football, Mamanet, swimming, table tennis, tennis and volleyball. All of them have got the right to be part of this important Delegation when they won gold or silver medals during the Mexican National Workers Games past edition in September 2018. 

The ceremony was led by top officials from the Mexican Work Congress: Senator Carlos Aceves del Olmo, President, and Mr. Reyes Soberanis Moreno, Vice-president. Both gave supportive speeches to the audience and especially to all sportsmen and women representing Mexico’s Labor force during the next CSIT World Sports Games. Mr. Óscar Arturo Juanz Roussell, CONADE's Physical Culture Subdirector (Sports Ministry Governmental Office) took the oath to the Sports Delegation and gave them the National Flag to honor Mexico during the 6th World Sports Games. Prof. Pablo Reyes, INDET's Executive Secretary, presented the Mexican Delegation Sports participation summary.  

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