An Olympic Touch by Rui, Antti and Aleksander

An Olympic Touch by Rui, Antti and Aleksander

Three famous names in the world of sports have revalued the CSIT World Sports Games 2017 in Riga: Rui Campos from Brazil, Antti Kempas from Finland and Aleksander Tammert from Estonia.

All three have one thing in common – of course beside the spirit of CSIT: They all have successfully participated in Olympic Games. Campos, head of the Brazilian delegation in Riga, won the silver medal with the men’s volleyball team at the 1984 Los Angeles Games right after winning the Pan American Games in 1983. Kempas, Finnish Athletics Secretary, was a 50 km race walker at the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 and London 2012. Tammert, head of the Estonian Federation, brought back a bronze medal from Athens in 2004 after he had already participated in the Games of 1996 in Atlanta and 2000 in Sydney.

All three of them have dedicated their life as officials to the motto “Sports for everybody”. They all take care for sports women and men, who might never reach the level they once had themselves. “But they all share the same enthusiasm and excitement”, says Rui. And Aleksander adds: “And that’s what our CSIT spirit is all about!”

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