An Amazing Challenge

An Amazing Challenge
Zagreb will host the 7th CSIT World Sports Games 2021

The WSG 2019 in Tortosa have just begun, but the future is already on its way: Missis Vesna Borisavljevic, President of the Croatian CSIT member Health Life Academy, and CSIT President Bruno Molea signed the contract for the WSG 2021 in Zagreb on Wednesday in Tortosa.

„This is a great honor for our city and a good opportunity for our sports organization and partners“, Missis Borisavljevic said. „Zagreb has been competing in a tough rallye versus the Italian capital Rome. Finally Zagreb got the Games 2021 and Rome will host the Games 2023“, stated Mister Molea. „This is a perfect solution. I am convinced, that Our Croatian friends will be very special hosts for the 7th World Sports Games.“

„We will be able to provide an event with perfect venues and short distances“, Mister Dario Jagic, General Secretary of the Croatian Organization, promised. All competitions will be taking place within three kilometers in the center of the Croatian capital. „Our ambitious working process for hopefully more than 3000 athletes has already started and is a amazing challenge for all our members.“

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