Working Group for Environmental Sustainability

Working Group for Environmental Sustainability

In January 2022, CSIT established its Environmental Sustainability Working Group.

CSIT is extremely committed to make its events, such as the CSIT World Sports Games and the CSIT Single Championships, more sustainable in terms of the environment and to align all processes with international gold standards. To this end, the "Environmental Sustainability" working group, which is already the 5th working group within CSIT, was founded in January 2022. The first task is currently the creation of a Green Event Manual for the CSIT World Sports Games 2023 in Rome (Italy), which is already taking shape!

The members of the working group are a mixture of external international experts in their respective fields and leading CSIT staff, who we would like to introduce in more detail below:

Max Bartoli / USA & Italy:
Max Bartoli, a dual citizen of the USA and Italy, has a fascinating CV. In his main profession as a media producer, he has already won numerous awards in the USA and Europe for various advertising, film and television productions. He is also an experienced international marketing and project manager with experience in the Asian region. For several years, Max has focused on sustainability and environmental projects, which has given him expertise in this area. His current employment with the World Bank Group, which is a major supporter of the sustainability movement, strengthens his position.

Robert Kaspar / Austria:
Robert Kaspar is a specialist in international sport and sustainable event management. Currently working as an assistant professor at the University Schloss Seeburg in Austria, he already has decades of experience at a top scientific level. With his dissertation on sustainable sporting events in 1997, he was a pioneer in this field. Since then, Robert Kaspar has served on committees for international sporting events such as the World Ski Championships and the Special Olympics and has been involved in three Austrian Olympic bids. His university career is also impressive. He has been a lecturer at three Austrian universities and regularly lectures in France and the Netherlands.

Tammy Gannot-Rosenstreich / Israel:
As lawyer in the field of public law, Tammy Gannot-Rosenstreich is the Sustainability Working Group's legal expert. In her 20-year career, she has worked almost continuously in environmental law - mostly in climate change NPOs. Her areas of practice include air pollution control, marine protection and corporate climate policy. She is also an honorary member of the Environmental Law Committee of the Israeli Bar Association.

Jörg Meixner / Austria:
Jörg Meixner is a specialist in sustainable sport in Austria. He is currently part of the team of "Sustainable Sport", an organisation of the Austrian Ministry of Sport and the Federal Environment Agency. His goal is to use the power of sport to attract attention and drive change towards a more sustainable society. An important part of this is "Sportopia", a forum for sustainable sport. To spread this message further, he is also a columnist for sport and sustainability at LAOLA1, the leading Austrian online sports news provider and part of the global Sportradar group.

The working group is completed by Sandra Gonzales Fernandez, a sustainability expert from UCEC, as well as by CSIT Secretary General Wolfgang Burghardt, Head of the President's Office and ExCom member Valeria Gherardini and Administrative Secretary Oliver Pangl. As part of the CSIT staff, they will accompany the process and liaise with the day-to-day business within CSIT.

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