Two days to go until the CSIT Singles Championships in Oulu

Two days to go until the CSIT Singles Championships in Oulu

Finland is the meeting point of the CSIT swimming family next weekend

The CSIT Swimming Single Championships in Oulu (FIN) are the last sporting event of the CSIT Family before the CSIT World Sports Games in Rome 2023. After the Championships in Beachsoccer, Mamanet and Gymnastics in Cervia (ITA), Swimming in Oulu is already the fourth CSIT sports event 2022. Preparations for Oulu, which is organized by CSIT Member association TUL are almost ready. The competition will take place from 24th to 28th August. A couple of hundred starters from Finland, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Israel and Iran are on the way to Oulu at the northern tropical.

LIVE Stream and Entry Lists
As in Cervia, there also will be a LIVE stream in Oulu for the event. In order to be up to date around the clock, there will also be an online dashboard where all results, the schedule and relevant information for teams can be accessed. All start and entry lists for the competition can be found online. Furthermore, take a look at the CSIT Download Centre to find all important documents.

The Championships are open to members and non-members of CSIT and are organized in the spirit of fraternity, respect and peace according to the following rules. For the Technical Comissions and the respectiv staff, the first information meeting will be held on Thursday 25 August 2022, the second evaluation meeting on Saturday 27 August 2022. Time and place will be announced on site. The competition venue will be Oulu Swimming Hall (Oulun Uimahalli) with a 50 meters competition pool. The opening ceremony will take place on 26 August, competition days are 26 and 27 August. TUL is looking forward to the competitions and to welcoming all participants.

COVID-19 recommendations
Covid still accompanies us. Competing and participating in official duties only when completely healthy is an absolute requirement in Oulu. Sneezing or coughing should be carried out into a handkerchief or sleeve. The used handkerchief should be taken immediately to the trash can and the hands should be washed thoroughly. Take care of good hand hygiene throughout the competition. Always wash your hands well if they are dirty and when you enter the swimming hall. If there are significant changes to the schedule during sessions, they are being informed by announcements.

For any information, please contact the organizing committee in the competition office. General information via Joni Valta and lauri.kurkinen@tul.fi

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