Thank you Tortosa!

Thank you Tortosa!

CSIT President Molea about WSG 2019

„No accident, no unsolved big problem.“ CSIT President Bruno Molea stated a positive conclusion to the 6th World Sports Games 2019 in Tortosa, Spain. Some challenges had to be taken, like the distances between some venues and some hotels. „But finally the whole CSIT family was happy with the over all performance of this Catalonian city and its surrounding area.“

Mister Molea especially pointed out the enthusiasm and great work of all the volunteers. „But my applause is also meant for referees and officials who delivered their best possible performance.“ Last but not least the president was more than satisfied with the general quality of the more than 3000 athletes. „I was surprised by the high level of the competitions “, he added.

It is going to be a target for future games, to keep distances in a reasonable frame. The Tortosa games are over, but the work for WSG 2021 in Zagreb has already begun. „We will experience totally different games in a different sports system, within a circle of five kilometers.“

And the future challenge for CSIT? „Apart from a more than strict separation of politics and sports, we must try very hard to motivate young people, but also older people, perhaps whole families and - very important - people with special needs.“ CSIT considered itself as a huge family. „Therefore the family character must be strengthened in the minds of our 230 million members.“

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