Successful Test Event for CSIT World Sports Games 2021

Successful Test Event for CSIT World Sports Games 2021

Despite the Corona Pandemic, the AICS Roller Skating Championships took place in Italy - without problems and infections "YOU CAN DO SPORT"!

It is possible to organise and hold major sporting events even during the Corona Pandemic. This was impressively proven by the AICS Roller Skating Championships on Valentine's Day in Tuscany, Italy: Approximately 1,500 participants were on site, there were strictest Corona measures in close coordination with the local authorities and five official tests - but not a single Corona infection!!! The championships were a successful first test run for the 7th CSIT World Sports Games planned for 12-17 October 2021 in Emilia Romagna and they were a complete success. Sportingly and also organisationally.

CSIT and AICS President Bruno Molea personally went on site in Tuscany and spoke to some of the participants: "This is a sign that there is a desire to start again, a desire to do sport. Doing it safely is possible and necessary, for the good of our athletes, their families and the good of the community. The Valentine's Day event was the first AiCS synchronised roller skating event since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. The response to online registrations showed a great desire by athletes to return to the floor to regain some of the normalcy they had lost."

AICS was not only the organiser of the Roller Skating Championships, but is also the operator and staging partner for the Commune of Cervia, the host of the CSIT World Sports Games 2021. The Roller Skating Championships were a perfect opportunity to test the CSIT's Covid-19 concept for June in real-life conditions. The Covid-19 manager hired for WSG 2021 and her 40-people strong team managed to stage a Corona-free major event in Tuscany under currently extremely difficult circumstances.

For the CSIT WSG 2021 period in June, the circumstances should hopefully be easier to handle, as the upcoming Covid-19 vaccinations should result in lower infection numbers and thus a much lower risk of infection. The current developments make us all very positive about the future. If the infection figures continue to develop in such a gratifying downward direction, nothing should stand in the way of hosting the CSIT World Sports Games.

By the way, roller skating will be one of the demonstration events at the 7th CSIT World Sports Games. You can find the story of the AICS Major Event on the CSIT partners & members' page. All information on the upcoming 7th CSIT World Sports Games from 12 to 17 October 2021 and the registration options on the official CSIT WSG 2021 page .

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