Perfect weather - Perfect games

Perfect weather - Perfect games

Thank you Cervia ! Thank you Cesenatico ! Mille Grazie !

The CSIT Single Championships Mamanet and Beach Soccer as well as the Gymnastic Games at the Italian Adriatic Sea in Cervia and Cesenatico are history and they were a complete success. Almost 1000 athletes travelled to Italy, experienced perfectly organised games and had a super enjoyable time. After such a long Corona break, it was obvious to the participants that they were looking for company. Also at the opening ceremony and the big closing ceremony at the Grand Hotel Cervia. Find all news stories about the Cervia Single Championships here!

The competition continues in the summer. From the 24th to the 28th, the next CSIT Single Championships are scheduled in Oulu (Finland) with swimming. Overview and information on CSIT Single Championships 2022! 

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