Panathlon International Award

Panathlon International Award

After 2019, Panathlon International will present their special Award for the second time during the CSIT World Sports Games 2021

As presented at the CSIT Congress by Panathlon International President Pierre Zappelli, CSIT is delighted to introduce again the Special Panathlon International Award, which will be staged at the WSG 2021 in Emilia Romagna. The Award was presented for the first time within the CSIT WSG in 2019 and received by CSIT Honorary President Prof. Kalevi Olin, who was honoured during the closing ceremony by PI President Pierre Zappelli.

Nomination deadline is the March 25th!
This Panathlon-CSIT WSG Award is in collaboration with Cooperation of CSIT with its Partner PI Panathlon International. One of the objectives of the award is to encourage, coordinate and promote development of the sporting ideal and of its moral and cultural values, in all the countries where CSIT is established. The Award gives all CSIT Member Unions from the various countries a chance to nominate candidates, who have distinguished themselves in upholding the ethical and cultural values of sport.

By awarding this prize, the organizers wish to acknowledge, reward and celebrate those, who have honoured and advocated such fundamental principles through their example and their actions. The Award is the apex of all the nominations received from CSIT Member Unions, since all of them promote and celebrate sport. The winner will be invited to and awarded within the frame of the CSIT World Sports Games 2021!

Whoever, within CSIT member countries, distinguishes himself/herself for the qualities described in the preamble and is nominated by CSIT members may run for the Panathlon Prize. The Prize will consist of a trophy awarded on account of initiatives or actions undertaken over the two previous CSIT World Sports Games calendar years or in recognition of one's lifetime achievement. The prize will be awarded every two years during the CSIT World Sports Games at the Closing Ceremony. Nominees may be any natural persons aged over or under 18, without distinction.

In case of further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues from Panathlon International via info@panathlon.net

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