HOCSH is new CSIT candidate member

HOCSH is new CSIT candidate member

“Hellenic Organization for Company Sport & Health” from Greece is applying as CSIT candidate member

The CSIT ExCom decided to accept the application form of Hellenic Organization for Company Sport & Health HOCSH to apply as CSIT candidate member. With this new application for membership the CSIT family has actual in total 42 member organizations. 30 Full and Associate Members, 1 Continental member and 11 Candidate Members. CSIT is very happy about the new application as it is very important to have new members from the southeast of Europe. 

The status candidate member means that these organizations are a new member of CSIT with all rights and obligations like a CSIT full member, except voting rights.

HOCSH is therefore invited, will take part and introduce itself at the next CSIT Congress to be held on 18th of October in Rome together with the new member organizations from Southkorea (KOWSC - Korea Office Worker Sports Committee), Kosovo (KWSF - Kosava Workers Sports Ferdation) and Italy (FISAC - Italian Federation of Acrobatics and Choreographic Sports). After a periode of observation together we will analyses CSIT will decide about a full membership status, which will be finally awarded by the Congress. The begium member-organization VVA (Vlaamse Vechtsport Associatie) recently asked for full CSIT membership, which must be confirmed by the CSIT congress in October in Rome.

Further details about CSIT memberships.

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