Half time - 12 months until the next CSIT WSG

Half time - 12 months until the next CSIT WSG

Exactly one year ago the 6th CSIT World Sports Games took place in the Catalonian metropolis of Tortosa (Spain).

A sports festival, which the thousands of participants still remember with pleasure in many postings and comments on the social media channels and maintain contact with their newly won friends. The anticipation for the next edition of the CSIT World Sports Games 2021 is correspondingly great.

The preparations for this are already underway. Both at CSIT and at the individual member associations, which have already started their planning for 2021. However, limited and vague due to the current corona crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic has given sport an involuntary forced break. Sports federations around the world are working on easing the situation after the lockdown and on a fast and safe way back to normality.

When and to what extent sport can take place again is not yet foreseeable. However, it is practically certain that the CSIT World Sports Games 2021 will take place. Already now, mass sports can be partially resumed in some countries. This gives courage and confidence for upcoming planned events. The CSIT is looking forward to welcoming its members and partners again in 2021 at the 7th World Sports Games.

Until then - all the best and stay healthy!

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