First CSIT Strategy Meeting 2022

First CSIT Strategy Meeting 2022

The first meeting of the CSIT Strategy Group took place in mid-January in Vienna in a hybrid version

In mid-January, the CSIT strategy group met for the first time in Vienna. Most of the members were there in person despite the pandemic. Some had to be connected digitally due to the still prevailing difficult travel conditions and also various national restrictions. Therefore, the meeting took place in a hybrid version for the first time.

As the CSIT World Sports Games had to be postponed to 2023, the meeting was all the more important. On the agenda were the Single Championships of the individual CSIT member organizations scheduled for 2022, the CSIT projects co-financed by the European Union and upcoming CSIT World Sports Games.

In the very constructive meeting, possible innovations, improvements and adaptations within CSIT to today's standards and modern trends were discussed. In particular, it was about the possible implementation to further improve the CSIT World Sports Games and the individual projects that are planned in the coming years.

In the picture from right: Bruno Molea (CSIT President), Georges Michel (CSIT Vice President and Sports Director), Harold van Hest (ExCom member and Sports Director), Wolfgang Burghardt (CSIT Secretary General), Christian Vifian (CSIT Vice President, Treasurer and Head of Strategic Development) and Henk Bouchoms (CSIT Vice President and Sports Director). Joining the meeting online were Valeria Gherardini (Head of International Project Planning and Advisor to the Executive Committee) and Palle Thomsen (CSIT Vice President and Head of Sport for All/Sport for Older People).

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