Evaluation of WSG 2025 underway

South Korea -  Possible Venue for Beach Sports

South Korea and Greece are the two candidates for the CSIT World Sports Games 2025

In the summer of 2023, the eternal city of Rome will host the next CSIT World Sports Games. While the large CSIT family is preparing for the 2023 Games and finalising all the necessary planning, preparations for the 2025 Games are already underway in parallel. With South Korea and Greece, there are two candidates that are currently being evaluated by the CSIT sports directors. In October 2022, the CSIT ExCom will announce the host city of the CSIT WSG 2025 after reviewing all data and facts.

The two candidates are the CSIT member organisations Korea Office Worker Sports Committee (KOWSC) from South Korea and the Greek Hellenic Organisation for Company Sport & Health (HOCSH). In July, the first candidate site in South Korea was visited by Sport Directors Henk Bouchoms and Harold van Hest. In August, the Greek candidate will be evaluated by Sport Directors Henk Bouchoms and Georges Michel. Based on the results reports, the CSIT Executive Committee will make and communicate a decision in the spirit of the CSIT.

The decision will be which candidate offers the best conditions and opportunities for the target group and participants of the WSG. The Games are open to all CSIT members, non-members, partners of CSIT and all amateur athletes from around the world. All the planned sports venues will be visited. In addition, it is important to discuss with both delegations the possibilities of offering an attractive and appealing programme to the participants of the WSG.

The five pillars of the CSIT

The CSIT WSGs are supported by five pillars:

  1. Championships of CSIT and its partners
  2. Health of the athletes
  3. Workshops and conferences
  4. Sustainability
  5. Cultural exchange

All these points have to be considered accordingly in the application and handling. How these concepts are implemented during the WSG will determine the award. For this reason, it is crucial to hold detailed discussions with the candidates on site. It must be clear that the awarding of the WSG is also strongly based on the location of the sites, the given opportunities and the cooperation with the local authorities. After all, it is in everyone's interest to offer the best to the participants.

The Executive Committee is aware that the choice of organiser of the WSG 2025 is crucial for the further development of the WSG. The WSG have a flexible concept that is adapted to the possibilities of the organiser, among other things, with the aim of offering participants an attractive sports and cultural programme. Once the candidate for WSG 2025 has been chosen, it is in everyone's interest to quickly form the organising committee, work closely with CSIT and get started. Two and a half years to prepare the WSG seems like a long time. Practice has shown that this period is very important in order to offer the best to the participants and stakeholders and to give them an unforgettable experience.

CSIT invites everyone to participate in WSG 2023 and 2025 and live and experience the flair and spirit of CSIT. After all, the CSIT offers the amateur athlete international championships and activities that are unique in the world of amateur sport!

If you are interested in hosting the WSG in your country or in more information about the candidatures for the WSG 2025 of South Korea and Greece follow the links!



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