CSIT visits ASKÖ

CSIT visits ASKÖ

President Bruno Molea was a guest at the ASKÖ National Convention in Austria.

Last weekend, the Austrian CSIT member ASKÖ held its big national conference in the Styrian capital Graz. As CSIT has its headquarters in Austria, President Bruno Molea and Secretary General Wolfgang Burghardt gladly accepted the invitation of one of its largest members and attended.
In the course of the meeting, the ASKÖ Board under the leadership of ASKÖ President Hermann Krist was unanimously re-elected, for which the CSIT warmly congratulates them, as well as for the excellent organisation of the two convention days.

The ASKÖ is an important partner of the CSIT for current and also future international projects and is in close cooperation with the CSIT Office. ASKÖ functionary Christian Hinterberger is also a member of the CSIT Executive Committee and will continue in this function at least until the CSIT Congress in November. As ASKÖ Vice-President for Sport and International Affairs, the deserving long-time Vice-President retired with the highest honours from the ASKÖ movement. Christian Hinterberger's successor is Dr. Thomas Zacharias.

In the course of the meeting in Graz, important coordination talks also took place between CSIT President Bruno Molea, ASKÖ President Hermann Krist and Sport-Austria President Hans Niessl. The list of topics included the current EU-co-funded projects of the CSIT, joint projects in the future (Young Leaders, Environmential Sustainability et al.), the ASKÖ participation in upcoming international CSIT sport events and also the CSIT in general with its headquarters in Vienna.

In picture from left: Sport-Austria President Hans Niessl, CSIT President Bruno Molea and ASKÖ President Hermann Krist

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