CSIT Strategic Meeting Vienna

CSIT Strategic Meeting Vienna

CSIT President Bruno Molea and his office on visit in Vienna

Last weekend the regular strategy meeting of the Presidential Office around CSIT President Bruno Molea, Secretary General Wolfgang Burghardt and financier Christian Vifian took place in Vienna. On the agenda were essential internal decisions as well as topics around the upcoming CSIT World Sports Games 2021. On the sidelines of the meeting were also meetings with the Austrian CSIT member organisation ASKÖ and with CSIT cooperation partners based in Vienna.

In the meeting with Mamanet Austria Secretary General Sissi Speiser the status quo as well as the current developments and future strategies of Mamanet in Austria were discussed. The cooperation and new ideas for the upcoming CSIT WSG were topic with the Vienna-based International Fistball Association and its President Jörn Verleger and Secretary General Christoph Oberlehner. During the strategy meeting, there was also a meeting with ASKÖ President Hermann Krist and ASKÖ Secretary General Michael Maurer.

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