CSIT Magazine 2020 - ONLINE

CSIT Magazine 2020 - ONLINE

The new CSIT annual magazine "CSIT News" is ready and can now be read and downloaded online.

This 76 pages strong magazine is a platform for all CSIT members and co-operation partners for their stories and activities of the expired year and for announcement of their upcoming festivals, celebrations and sports activities to invite the huge CSIT family to all these events. One big story is the preview on the upcoming 7th CSIT World Sports Games from 1st to 6th June, 2020 in the Region of Emilia Romagna in Italy with the main host city Cervia and its co-operation partner municipalities Cesena, Cesenatico and Ravenna. Enjoy the CSIT News 2020 and forward it to all your friends.

Magazine production in hard copy: Please contact the CSIT General Secretariat via administration@csit.tv to receive the print version (100 MB).

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