CSIT Festschrift Book Download

CSIT Festschrift Book Download

"Sport, Peace & Development" - 100 years of CSIT - a fascinating book about the history of CSIT's origins

2013 was a very special year for CSIT. It was the 100th anniversary of the existence of the workers' sports movement, which began in Belgium in 1913. The founding of the movement was a reaction to times when workers, day laborers and peasants had no right to practice sports. In 2013, CSIT recorded the history of the federation in a 160-page commemorative publication by Prof. Kalevi Olin. This fascinating book with historical pictures and impressive stories is now available ONLINE for DOWNLOAD at www.csit.tv. A must read book!!!

International Workers' Sports was officially founded in Ghent on May 10, 1913, under the name "Labour Sports International." After World War I, it was re-established in Lucerne, Switzerland on September 13 and 14, 1920, and then again after World War II in Brussels on May 30 and 31, 1946. Belgium has always been a moving spirit for the initiative. In 1993, at the Congress in Eilat (Israel), the movement adopted the new name International Labour Sports Confederation. In 2011, at the Congress in Rio de Janeiro, the name was changed to International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation.

Sport is a fascinating social phenomenon in society. Sport is considered to play an important role as a promoter of peace and social integration in different geographical, cultural and political contexts. Workers' sports are a part of this social phenomenon. The 160-page anniversary commemorative publication "Sport, Peace & Development" describes the 100-year development, current status and future international sports partnerships of the International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation (CSIT). It also predicts that women could be the future of sport.

This book tells how and why the world organization CSIT has become a big player in the international "sport for all" and "amateur sport" movement in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and the Far East, with more than 200 million registered clients and members worldwide in 50 member organizations. This book is a necessary read not only for CSIT members, but also for anyone interested in the multidimensional functions of sport in society.

The pioneers of Labour Sports International did not want to engage in just any ordinary sport; they wanted to engage in physical activities on a regular, educational and social basis. They proclaimed that sport is a cultural and social activity infused with science and technology. Sport must form the people in all its dimensions, joining cultural activities, evoking his creative initiative and helping to form the conscious and responsible citizen that the world needs.

100 years of CSIT - the original commemorative book by Prof. Kalevi Olin to DOWNLOAD

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