CSIT Executive Committee Meeting in Tel Aviv

CSIT Executive Committee Meeting in Tel Aviv

Environmental Sustainability, Parasport and Permanent Development

The official regular ExCom meeting of CSIT took place last Friday at the Hotel Tal at the Beach in Tel Aviv (Israel). As in many international meetings, a major topic in Israel was the war in Ukraine, where the CSIT clearly condemned the aggression of Russia and President Putin towards Ukraine. At the ExCom, there were a number of important points on the agenda, which were meticulously dealt with.

Cooperation with the European Paralympic Committee
The new Parasport Coordinator Saskia Kanfer from the European Paralympic Committee (EPC) based in Vienna had the opportunity to personally introduce herself to the ExCom in Israel. CSIT President Bruno Molea said in his welcoming speech that he was very much looking forward to the deepening cooperation with the EPC and, as a world organisation, of course with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), which is also to be concretised in writing in a working paper.

CSIT and Environmental Sustainability
The meanwhile very active Working Group Environmential Sustainability of the CSIT presented the current status of its intensive work, of course with focus on the upcoming major event CSIT World Sports Games 2023. The Working Group was represented by the experts Prof. Robert Kasper, Max Bartoli and Tammy Gannot.

Permanent development and new EU projects
Another major topic of the ExCom meeting was the integration and development of tools such as standards for further development. A major concern of the CSIT leadership under President Molea is the support of permanent further development and modernisation of the CSIT member organisations at national level, for example on the topic environmental sustainability.
Furthermore, as in previous years, CSIT will again participate in several EU projects as partner and even take the lead in in the follow-up project from YOULead the new "eYOUACA".

Honorable Guests
On the fringes of the ExCom meeting there was also a reunion with CSIT Honorary Member Avigdor Dagon. Already 92 years old, this esteemed friend of the CSIT movement continues to serve as the right-hand man of HAPOEL General Manager and CSIT Vice President Yoram Arnstein. The ExCom also welcomed HAPOEL board member Avi Sagi, a great CSIT supporter, winner of last years Panathlon "CSIT-World Sports Games-Award" and new President of the Israeli Gymnastics Federation.

Future bids CSIT World Sports Games 2025 and CSIT members
In 2023, the CSIT World Sports Games have been awarded to Rome in Italy. There were half a dozen serious bidders for the WSG 2025, not only from Europe. Finally, two applicants have decided to submit officially a full candidature for 2025: On the one hand the CSIT Member Union KOWSC from South Korea with the cities of Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do and on the other hand HOCSH from Greece with Loutraki, a well-known tourist destination near the Greek capital city Athens.
Thanks to the excellent network of CSIT America Ambassador Prof. Pablo Osorio Reyes, CSIT plans to add a new member from HAITI.

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