CSIT ExCom Meeting in Vienna

CSIT ExCom Meeting in Vienna

The CSIT ExCom made some important decisions at its meeting in Vienna at the beginning of July.

Three months before the start of the CSIT World Sports Games in Cervia, the CSIT ExCom Meeting took place in Vienna at the beginning of July. Due to at that time postponement of the World Games from spring to autumn, there were some very important items on the agenda and also some important decisions to be made. Big thanks go to host ASKÖ and its President Hermann Krist as well as Vice President Christian Hinterberger and their team for the perfect organization. Austria is always a top host!

CSIT meets the Vienna City Government and welcomes new Member Unions!
As the ExCom took place in Vienna (Austria capital), the CSIT ExCom Board had the opportunity to talk to Christian Meidlinger, Vice President of the Vienna City Parliament. The discussion also focused on the current situation and the development of the CSIT, which is currently expanding and admitting six new members, one of them as a full member after final confirmation.

Necessary change of the CSIT's Articles and Statutes
CSIT is a legal entity acc. to Austrian law, and the Austrian Legislator, the Sports ministry (subsidy provider) as well as the IOC and GAISF are expecting to define clearly in the CSIT Articles that CSIT is in compliance with the "Human Rights" (United Nations). The ExCom propose in its meeting to change the PREAMBLE. Furthermore, the Attachment 2 of our CSIT Articles, in concreto the "Millennium Development Goals" of the United Nations are obsolete and have been substituted by the actual "Sustainable Development Goals" of the United Nations.

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