CSIT-EU BRIDGES-PROJECT - social cohesion also works online

CSIT-EU BRIDGES-PROJECT - social cohesion also works online

In these weeks of forced closure by Covid-19, the European project BRIDGES also had to stop its public events

Meetings of several people and social gatherings are forbidden in almost all countries of the world, physical contact and social gatherings are prohibited. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people worldwide into involuntary but also partially voluntary isolation and quarantine. Social cohesion can and must currently function online. Social media have been created for this. Let's take advantage of them and communicate online.

The Italian BRIDGES partner AICS shows how it can work in this sad situation: "We are aware that people still interact with each other via digital devices and believe that Bridges will also provide a platform for community building, especially at the time of Covid-19, when people are physically isolated," say the AICS project managers. That's why BRIDGES in Italy is shifting its activities to online platforms and resources to promote social cohesion anyway - even from a distance.

From April, the official Facebook page of the project, which aims to combat xenophobia and cultural barriers, will publish video interviews with the organisers who took part in the project. In this way, everyone will be able to share their own experiences and will have the opportunity to feel like a community again.

The project, coordinated by the AICS "Associazione Italiana Cultura e Sport", has already involved more than 60 associations in district 5 of Florence, some of which represent the foreign communities of the area. Among them, dozens of volunteers and citizens have benefited from the network of promoted events in order to get to know better the territory where they live and the community of people who live there.

Through video interviews, the participants of the local BRIDGES network will tell how they experience participation in the project and the change they are experiencing, how they see District 5, from a "place to stay" to a "space of encounter" and an active and participatory social life. From a place where several associations provide services to citizens, to a space of associations working together for the benefit of a common community.

In the last few days, the Bridges Community Organizers have started to get in touch with the associations involved in the development of the project events to start the video-interviews: faces and stories of District 5!

From April on Facebook:  @Bridges-progetto-europeo-aics-accoglienza-solidale-Firenze

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