CSIT Congress and Sport Impacts All ONLINE

CSIT Congress and Sport Impacts All ONLINE

"Sport Impacts All" opens CSIT Congress on friday and focuses on the topic "Covid 19 - What's Next?

Corona still has a firm grip on the world. Even the world of sport. Events are postponed, meetings are cancelled, conferences are planned and restructured differently. The world is shifting more and more towards ONLINE. Also the world of CSIT. The 42nd edition of the annual CSIT congress will not take place in front of a large auditorium as usual but will be held on 30 October from 15.30 to 19.00 via the online platform Zoom. Prior to the congress, the public 2nd World Amateur Sports Forum "Sport Impacts All" will take place from 14.00 to 15.30, also via Zoom as an opener to the internal CSIT meeting.

The content of "Sport Impacts All" https://www.csit.tv/en/boxnewsarchivshow65-2nd-world-amateur-sports-forum-sport-impacts-all is highly interesting, just like the premiere in Rome a year ago. The Corona pandemic entitled “Covid 19 - What's Next?” and its impact on sport will be the main topic in 2020. Anyone can take part! Registration is very easy and is done via ZOOM. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84602236410?pwd=Rlp4TVFWeFFlNU45dkdFcTdST2swQT09#success ID MEETING: 846 0223 6410 Passcode: 830754. There will be language interpretation between English and French. Click on the Interpretation world icon at the bottom of the screen and make your own choice. General Rule: during the forum, please turn off the microphone and turn on your webcam! The TEST-RUN starts at 13.30, the "Sports for All" - Forum begins at 14.00. Web:  

Covid 19 - What's Next?
The opening speech of “Sport Impacts All - Covid 19 - What's Next?” will be held by CSIT President Bruno Molea, who will introduce the CSIT World Federation of Sports Amateurs and give some explanations about the content of the federation and its visions. One of the prominent guest speakers will be GAISF & Sport Accord President Raffaele Chiulli (member of the IOC Executive Board) as well as the Ambassadors of America (Pablo Reyes Osorio/INDET/Mexico), of Africa (Abdelkrim Chouchaoui /FAST/Algeria) and of Asia (Myungsoo Eo/KOWSC/South Korea). 

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