COVID19 - Message by CSIT President

COVID19 - Message by CSIT President

Dear Friends, CSIT Member Unions, CSIT Athletes and Supporters,

in the past days many of our countries have been affected by the Corona Virus (COVID19) and yesterday the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the Corona Virus as pandemic disease.

I would like first of all to tell you I am very close to you to and to your families and in the name of CSIT I would like to recommend you to strictly follow the recommendations of the WHO, so to contain the virus. If everyone takes the responsibility to follow the health measures, we can all together protect our people with fragilities and slow down the infection, as demonstrated in the first country affected by Corona Virus, China.

I also would like to tell you that as International Sport Confederation, CSIT is by your side, every day, to deliver a message of strong attention for all athletes and citizens so to fight the virus.

Therefore, I announce you, that even if all the CSIT International Championships of 2020 – such as Beachvolleyball in Acapulco, Swimming and Tennis in Finland, Chess in Rome – are confirmed, at the moment, nevertheless, I would ask every head of delegation, coach or athlete not to book now any flights or accommodation, or anyway to book those, but only including cancellation warranties, because the development of the Corona Virus in the next months is unknown by the scientific community, therefore we are not ready yet to confirm the stage of our Championships.

I also recommend every CSIT member organisation to act accordingly the guidelines issued by the WHO, to secure the health of our athletes, from all over the world.

Guidelines World Health Organisation (WHO)

As CSIT I can assure you, that all our staff and experts are available for you, do not hesitate to contact us for any need.

Friends, together we can be stronger, let's everyone take the individual responsibility for our public health!

I wish you all the best.

Bruno Molea
CSIT President

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