Bruno Molea confirmed as CSIT President

Bruno Molea confirmed as CSIT President

At the end of the 41st CSIT Congress in Rome Bruno Molea was elected as President of CSIT.

Molea took over the presidency at the CSIT Congress in Riga (Latvia) 2016 after Harald Bauer resigned due to business reasons and was now elected with the overwhelming majority of 100%. After his election the Italian is now starting into his first full period as CSIT president with lots of new ideas and plans for the next four years. Rome was also the election Congress of the CSIT ExCom with some changes in the board.

“It is was a very important election, not only for me, but also for my whole team, specially the ExCom, because we started with a very important work in the last year", stated Brunio Molea in a first interview after teh election. "We have at the moment many projects in progress and it is very important to finish our work to the best of our confederation. Our members gave us with this election full support for our work because and now we have the power to continue.

The ExCom with have the following compilation: New members are Christian Hinterberger (ASKÖ Austria) and George Michel (AFSTB Belgium). Still in the ExCom are Christian Vifian (SATUS Switzerland), Yoram Arnstein (HAPOEL Israel), Desislava Yagodin (BWF-SH Bulgaria), Palle Thomsen (DAI Denmark), Anu Rajajärvi (TUL Finland) and Henk Bouchoms (NCS Netherlands).

“The ExCom changed a little bit and I am sorry for this, because we were in this constitution a very good team. In particular, because my predecessor Harald Bauer is not more involved. Together we had a very good vision of the future of CSIT and I am saddish about that fact. But I am sure that the two persons that now joined the ExCom are excellent. In particular Christian Hinterberger, who is the President of the European Fair Play Movement EFPM, as well as Georges Michel, who was long-term chairman of the TC Judo. Both are very competent persons, who can give excellent support for our projects. Now we have a big team, we have a big family and we have much power!”

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