Application for CSIT Membership

Dear Visitor,

Thank you very much for your interest in our global sports & health network with meanwhile 230 million single members. CSIT is recognized being the only world organization for workers and amateurs in sports by

  • IOC (International Olympic Committee)
  • ICSSPE (International Council of Sport, Science and Physical Education)

CSIT Statutes & Membership Application Form in ENG & FRA:   please click here!

Membership Application Procedure

In the following we may give you an understanding of the CSIT membership application proceedings:

The CSIT has three types of membership levels with the "Full Membership - Status" as ultimate objective. Details as rights, obligations and financial conditions of the different kinds of CSIT membership levels can be found in the CSIT Articles in "Attachment 1" in the "Downloadcenter".

First level: Candidate Membership, a temporary membership level

After on the one hand reception of all applicants' documents according to the official application form and on the other hand the treasurer's confirmation that the advance payment of the annual membership fee has been recorded on the CSIT's bank account, the Executive Committee recommends the Congress to accept your organisation as "Candidate Member" (temporary membership of 2 - 3 years), or in case of indecision to request further information and documents. Please take note, based on the Executive Committee recommendation, the Congress is only able to make a decision, if the applicant is personally (President, Secretary General, Managing Director) representing and introducing his/her organisation to the Congress. Unsuccessful applicant organisations will immediately get refunded the above mentioned payment.

Second & third level: Associate Membership or Full Membership

After 2 - 3 years of observation the Executive Committee is analysing the past collaboration of both organisations. It is of great importance for the decision making process that CSIT's core values as trust, respect, tolerance, friendship and fair-play were kept, as well as all CSIT regulations, statutes and by-laws; also an active participation in CSIT activities must be recognizable for the Executive Committee. Only then the specific "Candidate Member" will be recommended to the Congress to be accepted as "Associated Member" or "Full Member" (Attachment 1), whereas this decision is at the candidate's own request.

If you are willing to start the application process following basic criteria must be fulfilled:

  • The acceptance fee acc. to our statutes (Attachment 1) must be transferred to the CSIT bank account. Banking details you can find in the footer of the application form or here: https://www.csit.tv/en/imprint
  • You have to be a democratic sport-for-all and amateur-sport organization.
  • You have to be a national / regional organization.
  • You have to be a sports organization dealing with disciplines comprised in the schedule of CSIT.

In structural terms you can apply for membership if

  • you are a non-governmental organization whose aims contribute directly or indirectly to the vision, mission, objective and functions of the CSIT.
  • you are a governmental body, agency, institution and local authority that is responsible for sports, women, children, youth, elderly and social development fields.
  • you are an institution such as University, Academy, Research Centre or Parliamentarian Group interested in sports matters.
  • you are a company sports organization.
  • your are an independent trade union.

CSIT Statutes & Membership Application Form in ENG & FRA:   please click here!

In case of further questions please do not hesitate to contact Vice President Yoram Arnstein via arnstein@csit.tv or the CSIT General Secretariat via office@csit.tv.

Yours sincerely,

Yoram Arnstein                Wolfgang Burghardt
 Vice President                     General Secretary