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Hall of Honor

Policy Honorary Membership & Plaque of Merit

Honorary President

  • Kalevi OLIN            TUL / Finland

Honorary Members

  • Avigdor DAGON       HAPOEL / Israel
  • Rudi SPIOLA            ASKOE / Austria
  • Wim HOEIJENBOS    NCS / Netherlands 

Prof. Kalevi Olin Quadrio - Spiola - Dagon
Honorary President Mr. Kalevi Olin | f.l.t.r.: Honorary Members
Mr. Alberto Quadrio (2008), Mr. Rudi Spiola, Mr. Avigdor Dagon

Since the Congress 2011 in Rio de Janeiro "CSIT Honorary Member"
the former and long-serving CSIT Secretary General Wim Hoeijenbos


Plaque of Merit

Awarding October 2009 in Vilnius (General Assembly)

  • Pin in Gold:        Jan Ludvigsen     DAI / Denmark 
  • Pin in Gold:        Laurent Moustard     FSGT / France
  • Pin in Gold:        Joaquim Durao     INATEL / Portugal (2015)
  • Pin in Gold:        Andrè Ferreira     INATEL / Portugal
  • Pin in Gold:        Renèe Blessing     SATUS / Switzerland
  • Pin in Gold:        Frederic Balzli      SATUS / Switzerland
  • Pin in Gold:        Achille Malfasi      UISP / Italy

    President Bauer (r.) and the awarded functionaries in Vilnius

Awarding June 2010 in Albena (Workers Sports Festival)

  • Pin in Gold:        Kostadin Parzulov     BAWS / Bulgaria

Awarding July 2010 in Tallinn (World Sports Games)

  • Pin in Silver:       Mati Liim     KALEV / Estonia 
  • Pin in Gold:        Peeter Kreitzberg     KALEV / Estonia (2011)

Awarding October 2010 in Agrigento (General Assembly)

  • Pin in Silver:       Galina Gorbatenkova    LTSA / Latvia 
  • Pin in Silver:       Michel Simon     FFST / France
  • Pin in Gold:        Ole Juhl     DAI / Denmark
  • Pin in Gold:        Jorge Meza     INDET / Mexico (2015)
  • Pin in Gold:        Henk Bouchoms     NCS / Netherlands

          Plaque of Merit_Agrigento2
          President Bauer (r.) and the awarded functionaries in Agrigento

Awarding October 2011 in Rio de Janeiro (Congress)

  • Pin in Gold:        Ciro Turco    AICS / Italy
  • Pin in Gold:        Michel Legendre    FSGT / France
  • Pin in Gold:        Leon Goldstein    AFSTB / Belgium
  • Pin in Gold:        Michael Sulzbacher    ASKÖ / Austria
  • PIn in Gold:        Lorenzo Bani    UISP / Italy

         Congress 2011 Honorary
         Turco, Legendre, Bauer, Sulzbacher, Richard for Goldstein, Bani

Awarding October 2013 in Blankenberge (eo. Congress)

  • Pin in Gold:        Rui Campos    SESI / Brazil
  • Pin in Silver:       Wolfgang Boehm    ASKÖ / Austria
  • Pin in Silver:       Réne Moustard     FSGT / France
  • Pin in Silver:       Moncef Bartegi     ONCST / Tunisia
  • Pin in Silver:       Hannu Kiminkinen     TUL / Finland

        Pin of Gold_Rui Campos 2013_kl
       President Bauer and resigned Vice President Campos

congresss2013 (37).JPG congresss2013 (39).JPG
President Bauer, Mr. Moustard and chair of Technical Commission Volleyball Boehm 


Awarding February 2015 in Tel Aviv (Executive Committee Meeting)

  • Pin in Gold:        Isaac Ofek    HAPOEL / Israel

Isaac Ofek_Pin in Gold_Tel Aviv Feb. 2015
The CSIT Executive Committee with Honorary Member Avigdor Dagon (left),
President Bauer and Mr. Ofek (2015) with the plaque of merit (central)

Awarding October 2015 Cancún (Congress)

  • Pin in Bronze:        Thomas Unger    ASKÖ / Austria

Former Secretary of the Technical Commission Swimming
Thomas Unger and CSIT President Harald Bauer