Hall of Honor

Policy Honorary Membership & Plaque of Merit


Honorary President

Kalevi OLIN, TUL / Finland


Awarding October 2009 in Vilnius (General Assembly)

  • Pin in Gold: Jan Ludvigse, DAI / Denmark 
  • Pin in Gold: Laurent Moustard, FSGT / France
  • Pin in Gold: Joaquim Durao, INATEL / Portugal (2015)
  • Pin in Gold: Andrè Ferreira, INATEL / Portugal
  • Pin in Gold: Renèe Blessing, SATUS / Switzerland
  • Pin in Gold: Frederic Balzli, SATUS / Switzerland
  • Pin in Gold: Achille Malfasi, UISP / Italy

Awarding June 2010 in Albena (Workers Sports Festival)

Pin in Gold: Kostadin Parzulov, BAWS / Bulgaria

Awarding July 2010 in Tallinn (World Sports Games)

  • Pin in Silver: Mati Li, KALEV / Estonia 
  • Pin in Gold: Peeter Kreitzberg, KALEV / Estonia (2011)

Plaque of Merit_Agrigento2.jpg

Awarding October 2010 in Agrigento (General Assembly)

  • Pin in Silver: Galina Gorbatenkova, LTSA / Latvia 
  • Pin in Silver: Michel Simon, FFST / France
  • Pin in Gold: Ole Juhl, DAI / Denmark
  • Pin in Gold: Jorge Meza, INDET / Mexico (2015)
  • Pin in Gold: Henk Bouchoms, NCS / Netherlands
Congress 2011 Honorary.jpg

Awarding October 2011 in Rio de Janeiro (Congress)

  • Pin in Gold: Ciro Turco, AICS / Italy
  • Pin in Gold: Michel Legendre, FSGT / France
  • Pin in Gold: Leon Goldstein, AFSTB / Belgium
  • Pin in Gold: Michael Sulzbacher, ASKÖ / Austria
  • PIn in Gold: Lorenzo Bani, UISP / Italy
Awarding February 2015 in Tel Aviv.jpg

Awarding February 2015 in Tel Aviv (Executive Committee Meeting)

Pin in Gold: Isaac Ofek, HAPOEL / Israel

Unger Thomas_Plaque of Merit Congress 2015.jpg

Awarding October 2015 Cancún (Congress)

Pin in Bronze: Thomas Unger, ASKÖ / Austria