About us

The CSIT as international multi-sports organisation has been founded 1913 in Ghent/Belgium and was based on the historic ideas of the international labour movement. 
Nowadays the main activities are organizing sports events, more precisely Sport for All - Games for amateurs & workers, competitive & non-competitive, for young & old, men & women from all over the world; sports events considered as festivals of friendship, cultural exchange, tolerance, respect, sustainability & fair play, simultaneously opened to an unlimited size of participants; welcoming CSIT members, non-member organisations, cooperation partners, governmental bodies, trade unions and business companies with sports activities for employees worldwide.
Within the world of international sport, the CSIT maintains its support for everyone to benefit from sporting activities regardless of their qualifications, talent, nationality, age, sex and social circumstances.

Members coming from Africa, America, Asia & Europe

During the last decade the CSIT has grown rapidly to a global organisation with 44 national member unions from 35 countries, 3 continental member unions (Pan-America, the Balkans, Africa) and approx. 230 million individual memberships today.

International Co-operation

The CSIT actually works in good co-operation with the IOC (International Olympic Committee), GAISF & SportAccord (United Sports Federations), ICSSPE (International Council of Sport and Physical Education), EFPM (European Fair Play Movement), ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association), WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency),  TAFISA (The Association for International Sport for All), FICEP (Fédération Internationale Catholique Education Physique et Sportive), AISTS (International Academy of Sport Science and Technology), IWG (International Working Group on Women and Sport), FICS (The International Federation of Sports Chiropractic), P.I. (Panathlon International) and ENGSO (European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation).


The obligations of the CSIT are becoming increasingly important in these terms, when commercialisation and the lack of facilities and economic resources are reducing sports to passive entertainment for the vast majority of people.

The CSIT is an organisation which aims at promoting and broadening  amateurs' & workers' sport activities and thus develop into a world-wide movement. All these activities will support our aspirations for democracy, solidarity and improving the quality of life through sport. This movement should encompass all sports federations and hence will be able to provide better opportunities for varied physical exercise for all citizens.

The CSIT stands for the promotion of tolerance, respect, fair play, friendship, intercultural dialog and integration through sport. A 'zero tolerance' - Policy towards discrimination, violence, fanatic behavior and racism is pursued accurately.

The Spirit of CSIT

The main highlight of the CSIT are the "World Sports Games", an unique major sports event for a couple of thousand workers and amateurs every two years, where the incomparable "Spirit of CSIT" can be experienced.

There are following pillars for CSIT sportswomen and sportsmen:

  • CSIT World Sports Games,
  • CSIT Single Championships,
  • International Tournaments,
  • International Festivals,
  • Sport for All-activities,
  • International Projects,
  • Health, Recreation and Fitness Activities.