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Brand new edition of the "CSIT News"- Magazine


Each CSIT member union has received recently some exemplars of the actual "CSIT-News" magazine in English and French. Find here the INDEX and overview with all the stories in the magazine. Enjoy the new magazine, which also has got a new design.

Content of the "5. CSIT-News" edition: 

  • 3. CSIT World Sports Games Varna 2013
  • CSIT Sport for All
  • General Assembly 2012
  • Workers of Mexico
  • Sport for All ... to improve children's life
  • Sport for All ... all together (Mixed Sports)
  • Work with Seniors & Elderly in progress in CSIT
  • CSIT Formation Course
  • International Open: ASKÖ-Austria Swimming Championships
  • Sportaida 2012
  • European Fairplay Movement under new conduct


  • 3.  Jeux Sportifs Mondiaux de la CSIT
  • CSIT sport pour tous
  • Assemblée générale de la CSIT 2012
  • Les Travailleures de Méxique
  • Du sport pour tous ... a fin d'améliorer la vie des enfants
  • Du sport pour tous ...ensemble
  • Stage de la CSIT
  • International Open: ASKÖ-Austria Swimming Championships / Natation
  • La Sportaida 2012
  • Mouvement Européen de Fair-Play sous nouvelle direction