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Thrilling O-Sport with a Surpise for Latvia

back Thrilling O-Sport with a Surpise for Latvia

Polina Medvedeva, 14 years young, has achieved an incredible upset at the 5th CSIT World Sports Games in her home town Riga:

As the reigning Latvian youth champion in Taekwondo she participated in the demonstration competition of O-Sport (= Oriental Sports) in Visvalza Secondary School. She beat the favourite from Iran in the women’s final of the tournament. “I am very happy, because I have proved to be an all-round athlete in martial arts”, Polina said after the fight. O-Sport is the Iranian national sports. It is a combination of Full Contact Karate, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts. The federation has organized their World Cup in context of the CSIT Games. But O-Sport is also popular in other countries: Male and female athletes from Afghanistan, Iran, Qatar, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Latvia are participating in Riga. The Iranian delegation is very excited about presenting their sportive passion on an international platform.