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Health Workers with Golden Hands

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The cooperation of CSIT and FICS (Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport/International Federation of Sports Chiropractic) is working great again after the premiere in 2015.

19 chiropracticans from all over Europe are a very important part of the 5th CSIT World Sports Games 2017 in Riga. “Our main work this year has to do with shoulder problems”, says Henrik Hojgaard. The man from Denmark, living in Sweden, worked together with Rainer Wieser from Germany in the Aquatic Center in Kipsala. “But we will change with colleagues who now work at other venues, because it is too humid for us around the swimming pool for four days in a row.” The health workers with their golden hands come from England, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France and Italy this time.